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Pretoria Centre of the Astronomical Society of Southern Africa

Welcome! - The Pretoria branch of the Astronomical Society of South Africa offers amateur and professional astronomers the chance to learn more about the field of astronomy and enjoy the unique southern skies.

Notification to paid-up members of the ASSA Pretoria Centre: The 2024 Sky-Guides have arrived and are available at three collection points:

  • Johan Smit in Centurion (11 Illovo Avenue, Wierda Park X2, Centurion) - 072 806 2939, e-mail:
  • Michael Poll in the Moot Area (12, Deanery Place, 71 Lys Street, Rietfontein) - e-mail: (please contact Michael only by e-mail)
  • Danie Barnardo in Silverton (830 Bovidan Crescent, Silverton X15) - 084 588 6668, e-mail: (please contact Danie preferably by e-mail)
  • Please make an appointment before collection

Unfortunately, because we lost our library space at CBC, as a result of refurbishing of the school's auditorium, we had to drastically reduce our library - please see here for a list of the remaining books. The remainder of our stock of books, we donated to several worthy causes.

The ASSA Pretoria Centre's AGM was held on 26 July 2023. The AGM Annual report and minutes are available at the following link:

Next Observing Evening:

  • Date: Friday 19 April 2024
  • Time: From sunset

Next monthly meeting:

  • Date: Wednesday 24 April 2024
  • Chairperson: Michael Poll
  • Time: 19:00
  • Whats up in May 2024 by Michael Poll
  • Main Talk: TBA

Click here for the February 2024 Newsletter!

Our future monthly meetings will be held at the CBC Mount Edmund.

The meetings are held in a classroom of the school. We will combine meetings in future with a video meeting similar to our monthly meetings on Jitsi, to accommodate our regular callers-in from all over the world.

Those of you that do not know the venue, please please ask at the entrance.

Our monthly Observing Evenings will also continue on the cricket field of CBC Mount Edmund. See above for the next observing evening

We look forward to see you there!

Comet C2022/E3 ZTF galaxies

Images by our members: Comet C2022/E3 ZTF by Neville Young (left) and a number of galaxies imaged in Namibia during May 2023 by Barbara Cunow

Johan Moolman caught the Total Lunar Eclipse of 16 May 2022 in a series of images

Johan Moolman released images of "The Magnificent 4 of our mid-winter evenings" Images of the Magificent 4 of of our mid-winter evenings: Eagle, Swan, Trifid and Lagoon Nebulae

Barbara Cunow compiled this composite image of observations between 15 and 27 December 2020 of the Jupiter - Saturn conjunction jupiter_saturn_201215-201227

Neville Young compiled this composite image of observations between 15 and 21 December 2020 of the Jupiter - Saturn conjunction neville_jupiter_saturn_con_21_12_2020

Johan Moolman made an observation of NGC 2467 "The Scull and Crossbones Nebula" Scull and Crossbones Nebula

Bosman Olivier gave a talk: "Remote Controlled Telescopes - Smart Astronomy" at the Centre's virtual meeting on 27 January 2021. The Power Point presentation of his talk is available at the following link: remote Controlled Telescopes.

Please have a look at our Observing Section page. Comments, suggestions and especially contributions will be appreciated!

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